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Joey and his team did a great job installing the wood floors in my new house. The job was done professionally and was completed in a very short time. I am happy with the project and after a few days while cleaning the floors, I notice some edges had few splinters which I understand normal for wood floors. I called Joey and his team were back right away to fix the issues. We’ll done!

Regi Roq Avatar Regi Roq
July 17, 2022

Incredible job! My family loves it! We needed something that could take the punishment of 3 toddlers. Floors was quick, thorough and delivered on time! Thank you!

Roger Labuguen Avatar Roger Labuguen
March 17, 2023

Absolutely so happy with our new stairs! They also did our living room floors and can’t recommend them enough!!! Such a quick transaction too!!

roselle romano Avatar roselle romano
October 17, 2022

I contacted Joey through Thumbtack to remove and replace tile and install baseboard in my parents whole house. The tile work was really great, the contractors that he sub-contracts were great. Really did a good job and very thorough. Things got a little weird when that contractor called me to tell me that Joey hadn't paid him for the job and wondering if I had already paid Joey. Of course, I paid Joey on time and told him I didn't know anything about his arrangement with Joey. Once the baseboards came in I called Joey & Victoria to schedule the baseboard installation. This is a different set of contractors and they installed the baseboards. Today, when we go to remove some of the baseboard in the restroom to install the new vanity that needs to go flush against the wall, we discover that they nailed into the water pipe so, now we have a few leaks. He proceeds to tell me that they aren't liable for this because the water pipe shouldn't have been there. Keep in mind that this house was built in the 1980s and he tells me that any plumber would not install pipes there. Obviously, I will not sit here and argue with him because I just don't have that type of time. So, if you want to hire him, proceed with caution make sure you know exactly where the pipes are from when your house was built because if they break something they will NOT be responsible. So yeah, they did a great job on the floor but now they've left me with an issue I didn't have before hiring them. Very frustrating that they won't take responsibility. Oh and he told me he doesn't have x-ray vision to see where the pipes are (I'm not an idiot and I know that)... I would think that is part of their assessment before they install to confirm where pipes are. DON'T HIRE!

Sandra Berrios Avatar Sandra Berrios
May 17, 2022

Did an amazing job installing bamboo hardwood flooring in one of my bedrooms. They were professional, fast and very efficient. They did a thorough job of cleaning up afterwards. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Johnson Avatar Jennifer Johnson
November 17, 2022

We purchased vinyl flooring for our new house from FLOORS. They were very knowledgeable and helped us pick out the right products for our home. Everything was delivered in a timely manner. Very professional and easy to work with.

Huyen Avatar Huyen
December 17, 2022